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What is the Westbrook Local Area Plan (LAP)?

Read the City of Calgary Engagement information here.


Richmond Knob Hill requested a 'Special Study Area' to maintain R-1 zoning in the 'wedge'.  The request was denied.  The 'Increase Housing Document' was emailed from the planning department in support of the denial.

What is the response from other Community Associations?

Westgate Opinion Letter 

Wildwood Opinion Letter

Glendale | Glendale Meadows Opinion Letter

Richmond Knob Hill Opinion Letter


 We encourage all residents to read and review the LAP.  Look at the Legend as you scroll from 'Urban Form' to the 'Building Scale'. 


About the Map

Urban Form Map

Building Scale Map

City Council will vote to approve the LAP on January 17, 2023.

RKH is opposed to the Westbrook LAP in the current form.  

Have your say!  

Write an email to your City Council and sign up to speak at the meeting.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please emailour Planning + Development Director.

2022 Oct 11 single-detached policy response.pdf


IPC 22.12.08 Westbrook LAP Vote.pdf

LAP Building Scale Map.pdf

LAP Urban Form Map.pdf

Richmond west removal from LAP.pdf

RKH Oppose LAP letter Nov 15 r2.pdf

RKH Oppose LAP letter Nov 15 r2.docx

Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 8.30.53 PM.png

Spec Study area letter Sept 21.pdf

Spec Study area letter Sept 21.docx

Urban Form & Building Scale Maps.pdf

Urban Form & Building Scale Maps.png

Westbrook LAP- Glendale Response Nov 18, 2022.pdf


What you can do Dec 29 22.pdf

What you can do Dec 29 22.docx

Wildwood CA WAP 2pager (1)_221129_092837.pdf
Maps 22-0022922-ADV-17217 - GMG - Westbrook Communities LAP - Phase 4 Limited Scale Map RUSH_P5 (1)

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