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Our volunteer opportunities in and around the community are varied from a few hours to support an event to several hours a month to coordinate volunteers or support our operations. Currently we have volunteer opportunity roles for several positions. It’s a great way to meet members of your community who share your interests. If you would like to discuss any positions or explore other possibilities for sharing your time, gifts, passions and talents in community building, please express your interest below.

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Membership Lead

The Richmond Knob Hill Community Association is seeking a motivated individual with an aptitude for marketing to fill the role of Membership Lead. To fulfill this role, the individual will serve on the board of directors and strive engage community residents to become members of our community association.



  • Provide a regular reports to the board on the number of members of the Community Association.

  • Keeps accurate membership records for the Association using our online member database (WIX – training available).

  • Organize annual membership drive and strategy to increase membership in the CA

  • Manage member sign up and funds at Community events and programs

  • Work with Volunteer Management Coordinator to activate interested members to volunteer for CA activities

  • Work with Program Director to ensure event participants are members

  • Provide annual budget to execute planned membership program to the board for approval


  • Willingness and aptitude to learn how to use Wix (Association web platform software) for managing contacts and payment systems

  • Aptitude with Excel and/or databases considered to be an asset

  • Experience/aptitude in marketing

  • Strong organization skills


Approximately three (3) hours of effort in a typical month – in addition to monthly board meeting

Grants and Fundraising Lead

The Richmond Knob Hill Community Association has an opportunity for an individual to lead our grants and fundraising efforts. The individual will make the board aware of available grants to support operations and growth as well as opportunities to raise funds through our programs and events.



  • Establishing and serving as chair for the Fundraising committee.

  • Report on all aspects of fundraising and grant initiatives at the Annual General Meeting.

  • Work closely with Board Executive to establish fundraising objectives.

  • Liaise with the Communications Director to ensure the Community’s residents are aware of fundraising activities, and sponsors are adequately acknowledged for their contributions.

  • Prepares, with assistance of the Treasurer, written reports on gaming events and submits the reports to AGLC (provincial gaming body) as required.

  • Applies for grants, licenses and maintains all financial records with support of the Board Treasurer.


  • Fundraising and grant application experience an asset

  • Excellent communication skills including written, listening, speaking



The role requires approximately 2 hours of effort in addition to attending monthly board meeting. Some months may require an additional 3 hours of effort for periods when the Casino planning and execution is scheduled.

Volunteer Management Coordinator

The Richmond Knob Hill Community Association is looking for someone to fill the role of Volunteer Management Coordinator. The individual taking on this role will serve the board of directors. They will engage community residents to volunteer for community association projects and events as they arise as well as manage regular communications and maintain a listing of volunteers that can be activated.



  • Provides regular reports to the board on volunteer activities and efforts

  • Keeps accurate listing of volunteers for the Association

  • Organize volunteer drive and strategy to increase and engage volunteers the CA

  • Manages volunteer sign up at Community events and programs

  • Works with Membership lead and Program Director to activate interested members to volunteer for CA activities

  • Develop and lead a volunteer recognition efforts


  • Strong organization skills and attention to detail


Approximately three (3) hours of effort in a typical month

Programming Director

The Richmond Knob Hill Community Association is seeking a programming director.

The programming role includes:

  • Works with the City Recreation Department and Calgary Neighbourhoods

  • Prepares and reviews policy and procedures related to programs and social activities.

  • Determines which programs will be offered to the community, then arranges for instructors and books time slots.

  • Manages all matters related to social activities of the Association, including social nights, member events, etc.

  • Recruits and manages volunteers in executing new and existing programs (ex. Lead for Childrens’ programs, paint-the-pavement, Timbits Soccer)

  • Applies for grants that may be available for programs.

  • Works with neighboring communities and sponsors (aka Killarney Glengarry, Marda Loop, Bankview) on joint programs (example Timbits Soccer, Tennis Camp). Liaise with the association’s communications director to promote events at least a month ahead of time, providing content about the event, registration, and possible management of events site on the association communication channels (training provided).

  • Determine registrations fees and arranges registrations.

  • Prepares budget and financial reports for the treasurer.

  • Arranges payments to instructors and vendors and keeps appropriate records.

  • Arranges access to the facilities used working with Community Hall Rental Coordinator.

  • Recruits members and serves as Chair of the Programs Committee.

  • Reports to the board on summary of events in meeting stated goals.

Facilities Director
Membership Lead
Grants and Fundraising Lead
Facilities Maintenance Project Team
Volunteer Management Coordinator
Programming Director
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