Our volunteer opportunities in and around the community are varied and range in commitment from a few hours to support an event to several hours a month to coordinate volunteers or support our operations.  Our programs include such things as: Paint-the-Pavement, TimBits Soccer, Kids Tennis Camp, Adult Social Events, Charity Casinos, and seasonal kids parties (Halloween, Easter).

Volunteering is a great way to meet members of your community who share your interests!

Richmond Knob Hill Block Party
Richmond Knob Hill Community Garden
Richmond Knob Hill Rink
richmond knob hill community association

Volunteer Now!

Want to Help but Don't Know How?

  • Facility Director and Volunteers: Keep our hall and grounds busy throughout the year

  • Membership: Keep our community connected

  • Fundraising Director: Ensure that our community continues to thrive ​

  • Member-at-Large: No job is too small! 

  • Create Your Own Position: You know what you're interested in so let us know how you can help

Contact richmondknobhillca@gmail.com if you are interested in learning more.