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Development Permit Applications

The following is a list of development permit applications for Richmond and Knob Hill. This information is provided on a best effort basis to assist residents who may wish to comment on the proposals. Click the DP number to access the comment form. The most accurate and up to date information can be found on the City of Calgary's Development Map.

  • DP2023-06469 Rowhouse Building (1 building), Secondary Suite (4 suites), Accessory Residential Building (garage) Comments due Feb 12 2024. 

  • DP2024-00565 Semi-Detached Dwelling Comments due Feb 19 2024

  • DP2024-00639 Addition: Single Detached Dwelling (screen room - rear) Due Feb 21 2024

  • SB2024-0074 Subdivision Application due March 7 2024)

  • LOC2024-0035 Land Use Application R-C1N due March 8 2024

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