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Volunteer of the Year: Richmond/Knob Hill Community Association

Each year we look to recognize someone who has provided exceptional service to the Richmond/Knob Hill Community Association.

This year the Richmond/Knob Hill Community Association is pleased to announce that the Volunteer of the Year award goes to Peter Grobauer. In his 3 years serving on the Community Association in the role as Treasurer he as done so much to improve what we do:

  • In the absence of a President, Peter chaired our board meetings and handled many items that arose in the community during his tenure

  • He helped develop and steward our board of directors to our strategic plan which moved us from an operations board towards a governance board

  • Peter led in developing a volunteer management strategy that resulted in staffing a volunteer management coordinator

  • He inspired others, recruiting friends and family to volunteer at our Casino fundraiser

  • When we put on event, Peter was there, attending several events hosted by the Community Association

  • Several members on the board were recruited by Peter and I believe we have a strong board that brings many strengths to the table and works as a team

  • By virtue of his vision and direction, Peter supported and inspired board members in their roles leading to our accomplishments.

  • Given his leadership, generation of a team culture, and his support in advancing our strategy, Peter inspired many of us to let their names stand on our board roster

  • Finally Peter even recruited and trained his successor, Dale Perret who is joining our board to serve as Treasurer, a returning board member who served several years ago

Thank you Peter for all that you have done to make the community a better place to live in. Congratulations Peter on your volunteer of the year award!

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