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West Elbow Local Area Plan (LRP)

West Elbow Local Area Plan (LAP) Every household in Richmond - Knob Hill should have received a booklet from the city introducing the West Elbow Local Area Plan. We encourage you to provide feedback and to get involved as much as you can. We will do our best to keep everbody informed throughout the process. More Information & How to Get Involved 1. Complete the feedback form at the back of the booklet and mail it back before Oct 24, 2023, prepaid postage is included. 2. Provide feedback online: by Oct 24, 2023. 3. Join an in-person or online engagement session:

Online session:

Tues, Oct 3 @ 7-8.30 pm. Registration required Register here. Mon, Oct 23 @7:30-9 pm. Registration required. Register here.

In-Person Session:

Wed, Oct 11 @ 6-8 pm Scarboro Community Association (1737 14 Ave S.W.) Drop in – Registration not required

4. Apply to join one or both of the West Elbow LAP Working Groups;

  • West Elbow Communities LAP overall working group

  • West Elbow LAP Heritage Guidelines working group

There are two additional options not included on the feedback form in the booklet that might be of interest. They can be written at the bottom.

A digital version of the Engagement Booklet is available and/or you can pick one up at a local Engagement Station– see Engagement Station Map for locations.

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