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Viscount Bennett Zoning

The development director, Gary, has looked into the zoning at the former Viscount Bennett School property at 2519 Richmond Rd SW and noted that it has a R-C1 land use designation. If there is any development that is not listed as a permitted use below (e.g., high density residential, etc.), there will be consultation with the community and we would be able to provide feedback on appropriateness.

The R-C1 designation is for a low density residential district and the purpose is as follows (Note the following is an excerpt from the City of Calgary Land Use Bylaw 1P2007 Part 5 Division 3 Paragraph 384) ;

(1) The Residential – Contextual One Dwelling District is intended to accommodate existing residential development and contextually sensitive redevelopment in the form of Single Detached Dwellings in the Developed Area .

(2) Parcels designated R-C1s are intended to accommodate a Secondary Suite as a permitted use on the same parcel as a Single Detached Dwelling.

The permitted uses of the land under this designation is as follows;

(1) The following use sare permitted uses in the Residential – Contextual One Dwelling District:

(a) Accessory Residential Building;

(b) Contextual Single Detached Dwelling;

(b.1) Home Based Child Care – Class 1;

(c) Home Occupation – Class 1;

(d) deleted

(e) Park;

(f) Protective and Emergency Service;

(g) Sign – Class A; and

(h) deleted

(i) Utilities.

(2) The following uses are permitted uses on a parcel that has a building used or previously used as a Community Recreation Facility or School Authority – School:

(a) Community Recreational Facility;

(b) School Authority – School; and

(c) School Authority Purpose – Minor.

Permitted uses are those that are considered by Administration to be appropriate. If a proposed development for a permitted use meets all the rules of the land use bylaws, the development must be approved and a permit issued.

Any other use of the use of the property (Discretionary / Not Listed) would not be allowed until they have gone through an approval process, Discretionary Application / Land Use Amendment Application. In both cases there would be consultation with neighboring properties and the community.

If you have any development-related questions, e-mail Gary at

Viscount Bennett when a movie was being filmed in August 2019.

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