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Viscount Bennett Site Security Update from Minto Communities

  • Signage on the building itself has been enhanced to identify security contact as well as the personal health hazards that exist from use of the site.

  • The unsafe playground equipment has been successfully removed.

  • Over 90% of the windows and doors have been boarded up and barricaded with the involvement of our security contractor with support from the City of Calgary Police and Fire. This has proven to be effective at preventing individuals from accessing the building.

  • There is a full-time security presence, including added cameras, lighting and 24-hour security guards that monitor the site.

  • Several adjacent streetlight outages were repaired through escalations with the City of Calgary to improve nighttime visibility.

  • Landscaping has removed shrubs and pruned existing trees to eliminate hiding areas and improve security site lines.

  • General maintenance of the site is ongoing, including mowing grass and actively removing debris from the site.

Minto and our security provider maintain ongoing contact with the City of Calgary's Coordinated Safety Response Team (CSRT). Implementing their recommendations in late June effectively prevented unauthorized building access, resulting in a significant decrease in attempted site access

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