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Viscount Bennett Redevelopment - City Comment Period Open until Dec 27

Please provide your comments

Deadline for submissions is December 27, 2023

The city site referred to as DMAP is up and running

This is where you can access information relating to the project.

It is also where you can submit your comments

Information about how to access the site is provided below

File Number: LOC2023-0359 DMap link:

  • Or type ‘’ in a web browser and search the file number

Detailed instructions and more information can be found on the City website: Short form instructions to submit comments

  • Go to

  • Search file number

  • A window will open to show application information

  • Click ‘Details’ button to access application summary

  • Click ‘share your comments’ to be directed to a form where you can type directly or upload a document to submit to the File Manager

Navigating DMap window

  • ‘About’ tab to read about the proposal

  • ‘Status’ tab, each of the stages (represented by a circle) has information about the process

  • ‘Contact us’ tab has information for the File Manager. I encourage people to email if they have questions.

  • Note: even though there is a ‘comment by date’ in the Status > Under Review stage, folks can submit comments as long as the ‘share your comments’ button is available as that means the application is under review.

City Website about Land Use Amendment applications:

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