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Traffic Calming at 21 St. & 33 Ave. SW Update

"Starting the week of Sept 21, the City of Calgary will begin installation of traffic calming curbs to create a partial access onto northbound 21 Street S.W. from 33 Avenue S.W. and new signage to help road users understand the new traffic conditions and reduce cut-through traffic.

To better understand the impacts and effectiveness of these traffic calming measures at different times of the year we will have two phases of engagement.

  • Phase 1 - October & November 2020

  • Phase 2 - May & June 2021

Residents will be asked to provide this feedback online by visiting after October 1st. The project team can also be contacted directly by email at".

Learn more at the City of Calgary Neighborhood Streets Program page for 21st Street and 33rd Ave.

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