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Richmond Green Consultation is Open & Closes April 16th

The City of Calgary is currently in the process of assessing the future use of Richmond Green, approximately 52 acres at Sarcee Rd and 33rd Ave SW, which includes the former Richmond Green Golf Course and operations depot, tennis courts, one large ball diamond, two small ball diamonds, one small office building, a toboggan hill and a child’s playground. Approximately 6 acres of the park has already been identified by Council for potential sale and they have tasked Administration to begin the process by executing a Land Use Amendment and Subdivision Application. The remaining 46 acres is still in the process of a “Needs Assessment”.

Administration has now filed a land use amendment for Subject Site and comments on the application are now open and will close on April 16, 2021. Administration is requesting a zoning change from the current land use of S-R (Special Purpose Recreation) to MU-1. MU-1 is for mixed-use buildings (e.g. apartment buildings that may have commercial storefronts); this application is for a maximum building height of 25 meters. If you would like to comment on the land use amendment, submit an email to the City of Calgary by the deadline of April 16, 2021. The Richmond Knob Hill Community Association Development Committee is keeping track of every letter submitted to ensure no individuals comments are lost or overlooked – so please ensure you cc:

Include the following information when sending an e-mail to the city: To: ; ; CC:

Subject: LOC2021-0043 - Richmond Green

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