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Rascal of the Month: Sushi the Class Hamster

Richmond/Knob Hillers, have you been missing your monthly dose of rascally cuteness? Well, look no further than our most recent rascal, Sushi. Sushi is a Roborovski Dwarf Hamster and is the class pet in Mrs. Knoweler’s Grade 3-4 class at Richmond School. Like many of us and our beloved Rascals, Sushi has developed a set of favourite hobbies: Sushi’s favourite activities include sleeping (who can argue with that one) and hiding. When he’s feeling a bit more frisky, Sushi likes to play on his hamster wheel, and when he’s really tired from burning off all his energy, he’ll stop running and take a ride around the wheel as it slows down - sometimes he gets a free ride all the way around, but in most cases, he has to make an emergency landing to get safely back on the ground.

Contrary to what his name implies, Sushi has simple tastes and when he’s not sleeping, hiding, or playing on his wheel, Sushi doesn’t mind a snack of cashews and dried banana treats. While Sushi loves to snack, his classmates also love to watch him snack. Sushi’s biggest fans in Mrs. Knowler’s class report that when he eats, he looks pretty cute holding all of his fruits and nuts in his little paws. As Sushi is more active once the sun goes down, he’s likely chowing down on some late night snacks when his classmates aren’t looking; like the rest of us during this pandemic, Sushi has probably started a new hobby of 24/7 stress eating!

Sushi is one lucky hamster as he has a team of 8 classmates who care for him on the weekends and holidays. His entourage works out a rotating schedule and is very committed to providing Sushi with a loving home in which he can pursue his favourite hobbies of sleeping, hiding, hamster wheeling and eating his snacks really cutely.

If you’re thinking of adopting a hamster, Mrs. Knowler’s class would like you to know that they grow really quickly and they are way cuter than you think they will be, just some words of caution if you’re not sure how much cuteness you can handle!

Thank you to Malcolm Newton, Grade 4 Richmond School, for providing the inside scoop on Sushi.

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