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Rascal of the Month: Eddie the Bordoodle

After a bit of a hiatus, it’s high time for a return of the Rascals of Richmond/Knobhill!

Meet Eddie, an 11 week old Bordoodle (AKA border collie and miniature poodle mix) who is absolutely as sweet and cuddly as he looks in his photos. Although he’s our youngest Rascal yet, King Edward, as he is lovingly referred to, is wise beyond his years; he has wasted no time showing his humans the ropes and slyly training them to provide for his every demand. Whenever young Eduardo hears the word “dinner”, he can’t contain his excitement and who could blame him? If he’s lucky, he might get a piece of tasty donair meat, his favourite treat to date! When Eddie’s not busy chewing on his treats, he settles for chewing on his favourite Nylabone or if he’s really desperate, his humans’ hands.

After a hard day’s work of learning the basics like “sit”, plotting new ways to cause mischief in the house, and licking the outside of a refreshingly cold beer can, Eddie likes to kick back, relax, and take a well-deserved nap on his back. Although Eddie’s favourite season is winter (it provides an endless supply of snow and ice to snack on), Eddie’s looking forward to his springtime walks and spending time with his second favourite humans, his neighbours. Eddie’s always up for a socially distant outdoors visit, so as you’re out and about in the community this month, be sure to say hi to Eddie and bring him a cold beer to enjoy.

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