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Proposed 2015 22 St SW Townhouse Development: June 25th Comments Deadline

A development is proposed for 2003, 2009 and 2015 22nd street

SW. There are currently 3 single family homes on R-C1 designated properties

that make up the entire block. The developer is proposing fourteen (14)

townhouse units and fourteen (14) secondary suites in four primary

residential buildings grouped around a central landscaped open space. The

development is proposed in two phases.

It is important to note that the developer intends to use all 28 units as

rentals and does not intend to sell any units.

For phase 1, the developer is requesting a land use amendment from R-C1 to DC

and the approval of a development permit for 5 townhouse units / 5 secondary


To have you voice heard:

1. Send an email with your comments / concerns to the file manager at

2. In the email ensure you reference the development permit number

DP2021-2908 and the Land Use Amendment LOC2021-0082

3. Please CC: when sending comments. This is to

ensure there is an accurate count and no one has their comments overlooked.

4. The deadline for comments is June 25, 2021

5. If you are interested in staying up-to-date and meeting some of your

neighbours, please send an email to

Learn more about this proposed development:

DP Site Plan_Phase 1
Download PDF • 421KB
Site Signage
Download PDF • 9.59MB

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