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New Marda Loop Max Line Stop: Noise and Light Issues will be Resolved Soon

The new Calgary Transit Max Line stop along Crowchild and 33rd Ave SW is a welcome change for many transit users. The recent improvements are much more comfortable during cold or rainy days, but the changes to the sound barrier walls have some residents wondering what happened.

If you use the bus stop or live near it you’ll have noticed the dramatic change in height for the wall. This has meant that residents are experiencing more sound and light pollution from the area and Crowchild. City Council and members of the Community Association are not only aware of this but they are actively following up on the issue. We have learned that this is a temporary gap in how the final wall and barriers are going to look like. With seasonal changes and of course the current pandemic, much of the work has been put on pause until the summer.

Stay tuned and as things begin to normalize, we should see some enhancements to this project that were made possible by residents and the community association voicing their concerns.

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