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Membership Board Position Open

New Volunteer Opportunity: Membership Lead

The Richmond Knob Hill Community Association is seeking a motivated individual with an aptitude for marketing to fill the role of Membership Lead. To fulfill this role, the individual will serve on the board of directors and strive engage community residents to become members of our community association.

General Duties:

· Provide a regular reports to the board on the number of members of the Community Association.

· Keeps accurate membership records for the Association using our online member database (WIX – training available).

· Organize annual membership drive and strategy to increase membership in the CA

· Manages member sign up and funds at Community events and programs

· Works with Volunteer Management Coordinator to activate interested members to volunteer for CA activities

· Works with Program Director to ensure event participants are members

· Provides annual budget to the board for approval

Skill Sets Required:

· Willingness and aptitude to learn how to use Wix (Association web platform software) for managing contacts and payment systems

· Aptitude with Excel and/or databases considered to be an asset

· Experience/aptitude in marketing

· Strong organization skills

Effort Required:

· Approximately three (3) hours of effort in a typical month – in addition to monthly board meeting

For more information or to express interest in the role, please contact Jill Law – Volunteer Coordinator at

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