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Rascals of Richmond/Knob Hill: Rousey

Have you ever thought to yourself: I would definitely be willing to get in shape, but only if there were a dog at my fitness class to motivate me and keep me in line? Well, if that sounds like a familiar thought, then you should get to know Rousey, a fitness fanatic and our Rascal of the Month. On Tuesday and Friday mornings, you can find Rousey and her mom running a group fitness class at the RKH community centre. Outside of her supporting fitness instructor role, Rousey is one for mountain adventures, but also appreciates the quieter challenges in life like balancing her enormous body on a small kitchen chair - if she can get her body to balance on a small kitchen chair, imagine what fitness goals she can help you achieve!

Rousey is definitely one of a kind - she’s not one to bragg, but RKH readers would be interested to know that Rousey is basically canine royalty. She is a purebred German Shepherd and her mom was able to trace her lineage back to the very first bred German Shepherd dog from the 1800s. It’s not clear if Rousey’s ancestors were as into fitness classes as she was, but outside of her teaching commitments, she’s working on researching her genealogy to find any other fitness instructors in her lineage.

When she’s not busy contemplating her royal family tree or prepping for her fitness classes, Rousey likes to spend her time playing with her squeezy toys, practicing her tricks and commands, and chomping on her favourite treats of beef trachea and duck feet. Don’t worry though, Rousey only indulges in moderation, as would be expected from any canine fitness buff.

If you’re interested in getting fit with a royal Rascal of the Month, check out Rousey’s fitness classes at the community centre and be sure to bring some trachea with you, just in case you need to bribe your instructor once you start to get tired.

If you know of a special fury, scaley, feathered, or slimy pet who should be featured as a Rascal of the Month, please contact

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