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Local Growth Planning Project Update: East of Crowchild

The Richmond/Knob Hill development committee has been actively involved with providing input to the City of Calgary regarding the local growth planning project to the west of Crowchild and is now working with the community association to work on a development plan for the east side of the community. The local growth planning project on the east side of our community will include the following other communities: Sunalta, Scarboro, Bankview, Garrison Woods, South Calgary, Altadore, Mount Royal, Cliff Bungalow, Mission, Erlton, Elbow Park, and North Glenmore Park.

This engagement process over the next year and a half will lead to a new local area plan, which creates a future vision for how land could be used and redeveloped in the area in the coming decades. Go to to learn more about the local growth planning project for the east side of our community. There will be opportunities for residents to provide input so please participate and have your voice heard!

Due to COVID-19, there have been impacts to the West Elbow Communities Local Growth Planning project.

• Applications for the West Elbow Multi-Community Working Group will remain open until further notice.

• The schedule for future working group sessions has been impacted.

• The overall project timeline has been impacted and will be adjusted as required to ensure meaningful public engagement can take place in connection with the project.

• Any online or in-person public engagement opportunities scheduled in the future will be shared as soon as they are confirmed.

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