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Little Free Libraries: Walking Tour and Locations

The name "Little Free Libraries" says it all and these outdoor free libraries are a wonderful grassroots initiative that Richmond/Knob Hill residents have taken on to share their love of books.

If you want to walk to seven or more little free libraries within the community and are looking for a destination walk, the community association has created a Google Map showing all of their locations and a potential walking route so you can view the route on your phone and get step-by-step directions for this walk. The walk is around 5 km long and should take around an hour to complete.

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Unknown member
May 09, 2021

Thanks Jen! These little libraries have been added to the map. Feel free to send the Richmond/Knob Hill Community Association some photos or more information about these little libraries and thank you for sharing!


There is also one at 2214 23A Street SW, and another one at 2319 21st Ave SW!

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