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Free Little Art Gallery in Richmond

A long-time Richmond resident has created a Free Little Art Gallery called Close to Home/Près de chez nous, which showcases art from three cities, five artists, and five miniature galleries across Canada, including our very own in Richmond.

Close to Home is a Collective DEVENIR project that invites the public to exchange free artworks in small art galleries installed at the front of each member artist’s home. You will two in Calgary, one in St. Albert and two in Edmonton. In our neighborhood, artist Sabine Lecorre-Moore has a mini art gallery called Recycle Art Gallery or RAG. It was made with recycle materials by one of our community member and woodworker Marc Moquin. You will find the RAG at 2451 30 ave SW.

Similar to the small free bookstores, this is a place of exchange for the surrounding community. The public is invited to leave a small work of art in the gallery or to take one, or to take and leave one. Check back on the gallery frequently, as it is constantly featuring new art. For more info go to

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