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Evan Wooley: Be Prepared for River Flooding

Calgary is at the highest risk for flooding from May 15 to July 15. Depending on how quickly the snow melts and if there is heavy rainfall at the same time, floods can happen quickly, and with little warning, so it’s important to be prepared.

We’re ready

Flood preparation is a top priority. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we have the resources in place to prepare and quickly respond to a flood.

We’re monitoring weather and river conditions 24/7 to provide the earliest possible warning of flooding and improve response.

We have a dedicated team that have stockpiled materials for riverbank protection and temporary barriers, and completed testing of outfalls, lift stations and pumps.

We’re building a more flood resilient city

Calgary is better prepared today for floods like the one in 2013 with many projects completed or underway. This year, the installation of new, higher steel gates at the Glenmore Dam means we’re able to manage a 2005-level flood along the Elbow River. With the construction of the Springbank Reservoir we’ll reach our goal of managing a 2013-level flood.

What you can do to be ready

Understand. Know your flood risk whether you live, work or spend any time around our rivers.

Be prepared. Take steps to reduce flood-damage and be prepared if you need to evacuate quickly.

Stay informed. Follow local media and The City on social media, and make sure you’re receiving emergency alerts.

Visit for more information.

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