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Do you Know this Clever Kitty?

This just in from the neighbourhood about a clever neighbourhood cat:

"We live on 22 Street, just off 26th Avenue. Over the last couple of months we have had a very friendly, welcome visitor to our yard...a beautiful orange tabby we have lovingly named ‘Rusty’. We make sure to keep our distance, but are happy to let him comes and go as he pleases, which is usually once a day. We have enjoyed watching him hunt the field mice in our yard and are very glad to see him doing a great job as the mice have become a bit of a problem.

Since the weather has turned so nice, we have been leaving our patio doors open to let a little bit of the outside in, and I guess Rusty took that open door policy literally. His routine is usually the same, after he has done a little hunting in the yard he comes inside and upstairs to check in on my husband and I in the office to see that we are getting our work done, then downstairs to looks in on the kids doing their school work, then a loop or two around the house, then off to do more hunting.

We have a very old little Chihuahua, who doesn’t mind Rusty’s visits, and Rusty doesn’t seem to mind her either. He never overstays his welcome, just a couple quick hellos and he's off again.

It may seem silly but the little bit of joy he brings our family during self-isolation has become something we look forward to every day. We are curious to know if he checks in on others in the neighbourhood to make sure others are doing okay during this difficult time?

We would also like to know if he has owners in the neighbourhood, and if so, we’d like to send them a thank you for letting Rusty out during the day to do his rounds and bring a smile to his neighbours.

Thank you,

The Thomson Family"

If you know this cat, please share your information with the Thomson family at this clever cat's e-mail address:

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