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Crowchild Trail Bridge Construction is Wrapping Up!

This just in from the City of Calgary:

"We’re pleased to announce that all major upgrades involved in the Crowchild Trail Upgrades Project are complete. While you will notice a few skeleton crews putting some finishing touches on this project through to the end of this construction season, the new lanes are open, traffic flow has been improved over the Bow River and we hope you’ve had the chance to take advantage of the increased connectivity to our pathway network.

Here’s a look at all that’s been accomplished:

While the medium and long-term plans for Crowchild Trail are approved, they remain unfunded. More information can be found here.

We’d like to personally thank you for your support, patience and understanding while our crews worked next to your homes, businesses and communities. We could have never done it without you. We’ve created a video that summarizes the innovation behind this project and our sincerest thanks to our fellow Calgarians."

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