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Cross-Country Skiing in Calgary

When people think of Nordic skiing most often they think of gliding along beautifully groomed trails in the mountains. Perhaps it would surprise you to know that there is also plenty of great Nordic skiing right here in Calgary. Both Confederation Golf Course and Shaganappi Point Golf Course have groomed Nordic ski trails that are open to the public and groomed by volunteers from different organizations. As well, the City of Calgary maintains a variety of groomed trails in Bowness Park and South Glenmore Park and also at the Maple Ridge Golf Course. By taking advantage of the groomed trails right here in Calgary, you are able to enjoy the fresh air and get a terrific workout in without having to spend a lot of time driving.

Nordic skiing is a great way to exercise and follow the guidelines for social distancing by participating in an activity outdoors. It is an enjoyable family friendly activity suitable to all ages and skill levels. While most people choose to purchase their own ski equipment, it is possible to rent before making the initial investment. It is also possible to find used equipment for sale online or through retailers and local ski clubs.

Nordic skiing includes both classic and skate techniques. Most people new to Nordic skiing start out by learning classic ski technique and, once they feel confident on skis, then seek to learn skate ski technique. Regardless of which technique you choose, it is important to have the appropriate gear suited to your height, weight, skill level and purpose. Another important tip is to sign up for ski lessons to start learning the proper technique at the outset. With a few important pointers on technique, your ski experience will be much more enjoyable.

For more information on getting started in the sport of Nordic skiing, or to volunteer with the trail grooming operations at Confederation Park, please contact the Foothills Nordic Ski Club or to volunteer with the the grooming operations at the Shaganappi Point Golf Course, please contact the Shaganappi Nordic Operations Club.

Hopefully you are inspired to try Nordic skiing this winter and maybe even volunteer a bit. Happy Trails!

Submitted by Foothills Nordic Ski Club

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