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Century Homes of Richmond/Knob Hill Walking Tour

Homes that are 100 or more years old in Richmond/Knob Hill are worth celebrating!

"The Century Homes Calgary project was a grassroots initiative celebrating houses built during Calgary’s first building boom in 1912. Around 508 homeowners signed up to research their homes, and create yard signs with historical information to display during Historic Calgary Week" in 2012 and 2013. - Calgary Public Library

The Richmond/Knob Hill Community Association has created a walking tour of century homes on Google Maps, complete with links to the history of these houses on the Calgary Public Library website. Give your next neighbourhood walk a purpose, and check out these wonderful century homes. This walk should take less than an hour and is less than 5 km.

If you liked this walking tour, there are many more Richmond/Knob Hill walking tours to try out.

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