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Calgary Metro Region Board: New Growth Plan Public Engagement Ends November 27th

In the summer, the City of Calgary and its partners at the Calgary Metro Region Board (CMRB) conducted an engagement on the growth plans of the region. The CMRB heard that Calgary residents want less land consumption, more public transit, less water use, higher density communities, and less money spend on new infrastructure, as summarized in this PDF:

Vision for the Next Million Residents in
Download • 1.25MB

The CMRB will be conducting a second phase of online engagement that will run from November 5 – 27, inclusive.

In this phase, the CMRB will be asking residents:

  • How well does the proposed approach fit the values of the Calgary Metro Region?

  • What would different types of development mean for your way of life?

  • What’s important to keep in mind as we continue planning for the #nextmillion?

The City is a member of the CMRB, along with nine other municipalities. A new Growth and Servicing Plan is being developed for 2021.

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