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Bird House Art Installations: Refurbishment Update

The bird house art installations (i.e., habitation markers) are located in community parks at:

  • 20 Street & 22 Avenue SW

  • 25A Street & 30 Avenue SW

  • 22 Street & 30 Avenue SW

  • 2433 – 26 Avenue SW (by Community Rink)

In 1996, the concept of hiring an “Artist in Residence” caught the imagination of RKHCA members. A “Partnership Committee” between RKHCA and Calgary Parks & Recreation was established, terms of reference established, and the process of selecting our first “Artist in Residence” began. Ruth Korns (Helton) was selected for her “Habitation Marker” proposal and, in 1997 the first three markers were installed.

Ruth’s proposal focused on establishing community identity. In her words, “Establishing a theme and developing sites to repeat the theme creates a network of identifying factors.” The birds and birdhouse theme symbolizes many aspects of our community. Many bird species are drawn to our community by the mature trees; similarly, people and families from broad demographic backgrounds call Richmond Knob Hill home. The bird houses represent the diverse architecture within our community. Locating the “Habitation Markers” in multiple parks creates a common identifier for the community.

After 12 years of Calgary weather, these first three sites needed to be refreshed. 2011 was also when the new “skate shack” plans were finalized, so a location for a fourth Habitation Marker on the RKHCA community hall site was determined and then built.

Now in 2021, our Habitation Markers are being refurbished with revitalized or new components and a fresh coat of quality paint compliments of Anilin Decorating. Tamarack Fine Woodwork and Rona (Stewart Green) also contributed wood and expertise.

Our team of volunteers includes Celia Meumier, Joan Little, Jon Greggs, Kelly Mazurenko, Kyle Carpenter and Brian Brandon. This is a project in progress and we hope to have it complete by the end of summer. The pictures show this team in action and results to-date.

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What a great effort on the part of this team of volunteers!! Well done!

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