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21st St and 33rd Ave SW Traffic Calming Pilot is Coming

As part of the Neighbourhood Streets Program, the City of Calgary will be implementing temporary traffic calming measures at 21 Street and 33 Avenue S.W. in Richmond/Knob Hill. The area chosen for temporary improvements based on feedback the city heard from the Richmond/Knob Hill and Marda Loop Community Associations and residents, along with other considerations such as policy and technical analysis.  This project includes:

  • Creating a partial access onto northbound 21 Street S.W. from 33 Avenue S.W. Only vehicles traveling westbound on 33 Avenue S.W. will be able to turn to travel north on 21 Street S.W. This traffic calming measure will also prevent vehicles travelling southbound on 21 Street S.W. from accessing 33 Avenue S.W.

  • To reduce cut-through traffic, a no right turn condition will be in place from 3:30 – 6 p.m. on southbound 20 Street at 32 Avenue S.W.

  • Signage and street markings to help those travelling in the area understand upcoming traffic conditions. 

Partial Access – Created Using Traffic Calming Curbs

By installing traffic calming curbs at the intersection of 21 Street and 33 Avenue S.W. vehicle access will be maintained to all homes, though depending upon origins and destinations some trip routes might be slightly changed. 

Benefits of partial access

  • Decrease short-cutting and reduces volume of vehicles on street

  • Provides all directions access for people walking and wheeling

  • Retains vehicle access to all homes

  • Maintains all existing curbside parking

Benefit of traffic calming curbs

  • Using traffic calming curbs to create the partial access allows The City to validate and test the impacts of this change with the community and make adjustments before installing permanent infrastructure. 

Map of Temporary Traffic Calming Measures

Neighbourhood Streets - 21 Street and 33
Download • 644KB


New signage will be installed to help road users understand upcoming traffic conditions and reduce cut through traffic. Signs and locations:

  • No left turn sign

  • Eastbound 33 Avenue S.W. approaching 21 Street S.W.

  • No right turn sign southbound on 20 Street at 32 Avenue S.W. from 3:30 – 6 p.m. to reduce cut through traffic at peak times

  • No through traffic sign

  • Southbound installed on the traffic calming curbs at the intersection of 21 Street and 33 Avenue S.W. 

  • Southbound traffic on 21 Street at 32 Avenue S.W. to give drivers advance warning that there is no access to 33 Avenue S.W.

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