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2021 to 2023 Strategic Plan

In 2021, a committee of dedicated volunteers created the 2021 to 2023 strategic plan for the Richmond Knob Hill Community Association. In summary, the following themes will be focused on over the next couple of years

1. Enhance and mature organizational governance

  • Develop and execute strategic plan and yearly business plans

  • Review Bylaws, Policies and Procedures

  • Develop and manage to annual budgets

  • Improve board transparency, meeting efficiency and effectiveness

    • Open invitation to Community to attend board meetings

    • Conduct annual board recruitment and onboarding

  • Execute volunteer management strategy for growth of committees

2. Build Community

  • Develop inclusive and diverse programming to bring people together by leveraging the previous community survey that identified the wants and needs of the community

  • Create partnerships in the community and intercommunity

  • Develop programming plan and schedule

  • Develop a branding and marketing strategy to create stronger community identity

3. Improve and expand management of our assets

  • Enhance and sustain our facilities to increase year-round usage by community

  • Expand financial management to include sourcing grants and fundraising

Help us implement the Richmond Knob Hill strategic plan and volunteer, get a membership or donate.

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