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2015 22 St SW Land Use Change: Provide Your Input by December 5th

Due to the dwindling number of R-C1 lots (residential single detached dwellings with potentially secondary suites) left in the community, The Richmond Knob Hill Development Committee is looking for feedback from community members on a proposed Land Use Amendment from R-C1 to R-CG (e.g., row houses) at 2015 22 ST SW. The information package from the developer can be downloaded here:

2015 22 St SW Land Use Change
Download PDF • 2.49MB

Please email before December 5, 2020. When providing your input, please consider answering the following questions:

1. What are your thoughts on the loss of single family home options in Richmond Knob Hill?

2. Would you like to see single family homes built with basement suites / backyard suites?

3. Single Family homes with suites / backyard suites allow individual/families on the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder live/enjoy/contribute to our community. Do you have any thoughts on this issue?

4. Are you in multi-generational household? Do you think multi-generational families would like to live in our community?

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