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17th Avenue Main Streets Update

This just in from the Main Streets team at the City of Calgary:

Crowchild Trail Bridge Work

  • The construction on the 17 Avenue bridge over Crowchild is on schedule. Work started on the first week of May 2021 and is ongoing. Vehicle access on the bridge will be fully open at the end of October once vehicular guardrails are in place and the pedestrian improvements on the bridge will open in November 2021 once pedestrian guardrails are in place.

  • This season we will complete the construction on the South side of the bridge and will be back in 2022 to complete the work on the North side. All vehicular lanes and pedestrian sidewalks will remain open over the winter.

Streetscape Improvements

  • The ongoing construction work on the West 17 Main Street from Richmond Road to 37 Street is expected to wrap at the end of October for this season.

  • We will be back in 2022 to complete the remaining sections between 37 Street and Richmond Road along 17 Avenue by fall of 2022. This work will tie into the work completed in 2020 and 2021.

  • To maintain traffic flow, and business and pedestrian access along 17 Avenue we have worked in stages and closed one side of the Avenue at a time.

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