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Community Garden Update: May 2020

Updated: May 31, 2020

The community garden at the Richmond/Knob Hill Community Association is now at full capacity and gardeners are eager to get working on their plots! New protocols have been created to allow for gardeners to safely work on their plots that are consistent with information provided by the Calgary Horticultural Society and the City of Calgary. If you're going on a neighbourhood walk, make sure to drop by and say "hello" to the community gardeners (but at a socially appropriate distance of course!).

Community garden Covid-19 guidance includes gardeners:

1. Bringing all your own tools to the garden;

2. The tools in the shed previously used by all members are not for use this summer;

3. Not sharing tools, aside from the lawn mower and compost tools;

4. Wearing gloves at the garden at all times; and

5. Practicing social distancing of two (2) metres.

Thank you to the community garden coordinators, Tommy and Arthur, for getting everyone organized. We're looking forward to another great season.

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