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City of Calgary Planning and Policy Discussion Panel

The City is putting together a panel for a discussion at the May 6 Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development (PUD). The purpose of the panel discussion is to understand the impact of the current pandemic situation on The City’s City Planning & Policy work plan from our stakeholders’ perspectives. Gary, the Richmond/Knob Hill director of development, has been selected to participate in this panel and will also act as a voice for other nearby communities.

Additionally, the panel is intended to provide a better understand citizens’ ability and willingness to participate in ongoing policy initiatives in an online format. Information gathered during the panel discussion will help inform Administration’s approach to our 2020 planning policy initiatives and work plan.

The panel will be composed of stakeholders from community and industry, along with members of Council and Administration. Following a brief verbal presentation from Administration, Chair Councillor Jyoti Gondek will facilitate the virtual discussion. It will focus on understanding stakeholder’s concerns; determining willingness and ability to engage differently; and willingness to accept and make decisions in a remote/virtual format.

Congratulations Gary for being selected to participate in this panel!

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